Are you ready to monetize your downloads?

Without pessimisation and tags from search engine systems

A user downloads content from your site integrated in our installer

Integration happens at once and requires your minimum participation

First step

At the moment of content installation, the user is suggested to install additional software

There are no any bundles and hidden intallers. Installation takes place on condition of user’s voluntary consent

Second step

You make profits from every installed software

The payments are made either for software installation or for lifecycle of using the product by user

Third step

What happens if user didn’t install additional software?
We still will transfer you money!

Together with your content we can install appset application market, where a user can play games, listen to the radio, watch films and do many other things. So, you make profits from all advertising positions at the rate of 50%

Video-audio ads

Pre-roll in games and video. Audio ads between tracks in the section of radio

Media advertisement

Banners, contexts, special projects on the appset market and other sections


Promotional offers

Installation of additioanal advertising software by a user

Game affiliate programs

For players registration and the most active players in partners on-line games

High partnership royalties

Payments for the additional software installation and ads model appset market revenue sharing

Nonstop project development

More than 20 000 units of content.The largest base of games, films and apps with increasing ads revenue share

Take care of your users

No hidden installations. A possibility for your content placement at appset market for greater monetization of your project

A trasparant work scheme

Monthly payments. A quick moderation of your sites. Technical support 24/7

Digital content distribution

Multilevel system of distribution, which allows vendesr to advertise their products and services on all stages of interaction with users

Pay per install

Segmental thematic traffic with suggestion of installation of your content to our users

Media advertisement

In the inner sections of appset market for our multimillion audience


Special projects

Branding appset market with a guaranteed new users involvement


Personal push notification to our users

Appset market

Appset market is a digital content market with games, films, music, apps and other interesting content

Appset market is extending as Windows app with daily audience counting several hundreds of thousands people. We will post your digital content on the appset market and suggest our users to USE your products


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